Bay Delta Water Plan SED: Next Steps

Following the Dec. 19 hearing in Merced, the Bay Delta Water Plan SED will receive one more hearing in Sacramento on Jan. 3. Final comments are due by noon on Jan. 17.
The Bay Delta Water Plan SED intends to divert water from storage in local Lake McClure and send it north to the Bay Delta for the benefit of others. The water diversion would impact local drinking water quality and quantity, cost the Merced area up to nearly 1,000 jobs and decrease local agriculture production.
More than 600 residents, farmers, and local elected officials turned out for a State Water Board hearing in Merced this week to share their concerns and discuss flaws with the Bay Delta plan and its impacts to the local community. (To read more in the Merced Sun-Star, please click here.)
Residents unable to attend the daytime hearing or still interested in providing comments to the State Water Board have time to do so. Comments may be emailed directly to To email individual board members or for additional support, please click here.
Merced Irrigation District remains committed to promoting the Merced River S.A.F.E. Plan as a better and more logical means of improving the survivability of salmon, the purported goal of the State’s Bay Delta Plan. Rather than simply release more water, the S.A.F.E. Plan would restore more than five miles of river habitat in the Snelling area, address local predation by non-native bass, modernize the Merced River salmon hatchery, and provide increased Merced River flows at times based on science and known migration times for salmon. While MID is promoting the Merced River S.A.F.E. Plan, MID’s Board members and managers have made it clear to the State Water Board that MID will take all possible actions to protect the District’s water rights if a compromise cannot be reached.