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Valley Issues

Adam Gray Leading the Water Rally at the Capitol in Sacramento.

Valley Water - Adam Gray is leading the fight to stop the State Water Board from taking our water.

Medical School - Adam Gray is leading the effort to bring a UC medical school to the Valley and expand access to healthcare.

Crime Prevention - Adam Gray funded a special gang prevention task force in Merced that has already resulted in one of the largest busts in California, arresting over 50 gang leaders in Merced.

Adam’s first year in the Assembly demonstrates a solid track record of understanding the needs of the Valley, including fighting for jobs, protecting farmers, saving money, and cutting down on state waste.

•    During a time when areas of the Valley were experiencing 20 percent unemployment and environmentalist called for a ban, Adam worked hard to ensure the economic opportunity and thousands of jobs associated with exploring for oil here in the Valley was kept but only under a set of comprehensive rules.  
•    When the State Water Board called for increased flows for the San Joaquin River, Adam led the charge in pushing against the state from stealing from our water, hurting our farmers, and costing us jobs.
•    When a state law called for purchasing expensive electricity, Adam authored legislation allowing Merced’s hydroelectric power to be counted as renewable energy saving ratepayers from increased power costs.
•    As Chair of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, Adam has authorized audits of state government investigating how California taxpayer money has been mishandled and holding those entities accountable.

As an Assemblymember, Adam will continue to fight for issues that matter most to us in the Valley.

Water - If nothing else, this drought is a reminder of the importance of increased storage capacity.  For us in the Valley, sufficient water supplies can be the difference between a paycheck and an unemployment check.   Recently, Southern California built a reservoir for their own use.  If the people of Los Angeles can understand the importance of increased storage, so can the rest of California.

Jobs – Supporting policies that help create good-paying jobs, incentivize investments in the Valley, and promote increased business activity will always be a top priority.
UC Merced and Education – The full build out of UC Merced will have a tremendous impact on our community.   Additionally K-12 education must have the resources it needs to ensure our children have the tools to either successfully enter into the job market or go to college.

Preserving Ag - Agriculture is the economic backbone of the Valley.  Ending state support of programs like Future Farmers of America does nothing to help prepare our students for careers in farming or preserve our rich agricultural heritage.

Improving Infrastructure - We have lost the ability to build projects in California.  Updating our infrastructure is the foundation upon which we ensure we have jobs, water, economic prosperity, and a good public education system.

Assemblymember Adam Gray and his teamwork approach to issues by working together with our local community leaders.

"We can only succeed when we are all working together."